workshop animal sculptures

Workshop Animal Sculptures

Find out how I fire and finish workshop animal sculptures from my art safari and UK-based workshops before sending the finished pieces off to their new homes.


Animal Skeletons

I am fascinated by skeletons. They provide invaluable insight into the evolution of my animal subjects and the unique niches they occupy in their particular ecosystems. Studying an animal’s skeleton is an excellent way to check its basic form and…


Background, Influences and Technique

I am regularly contacted by students and teachers who are doing a project on my work as an animal sculptor and who want to know more about my background, influences and technique. So here is an article I wrote recently…

Animal Sculpture Workshop

Animal Sculpture Workshop 2015

I recently taught an Animal Sculpture Workshop at Mapstone Studio here in Devon, UK. I had clients from the UK and as far away as Canada. They ranged from complete novices to experienced sculptors. However, my simple technique allows everyone…