Aardvark Sculpture

Aardvark sculpture

I keep returning to aardvarks as a subject matter, there is something very special about them. Could it be their peculiarly shaped faces? The hare-like ears? The crazy feet? Nature has created this one of a kind creature and yet, when you watch it, it just goes about its everyday life.

Aardvark SculptureAardvarks possess incredible evolutionary adaptions, such as their 30cm long sticky tongues and powerful hindquarters coupled with shovel shaped claws. I imagine the first drawings of aardvarks to reach Europe would have been met with disbelief!

I think it’s the curves that most appeal to me about aardvarks; the lovely sweeping curves of their backs, tails and legs. From every angle they show such pleasing curves, which is ideal for a sculptor.

Aardvark SculptureFor the latest animal sculpture I thought an aardvark scratching it’s head would show off these lovely curves. As with all my sculptures, they are started from scratch. Using a slab-building technique the aardvark sculpture quickly takes shape.

Once I have the basic pose it takes many hours of refining the surface to make it look smooth and pig-like. The final bit of modelling creates the intricate details and wrinkles on the face and body. The finished aardvark sculpture was given as a surprise Christmas present.