Animal Sculptures at Home

Wild Dog Sculpture

It’s always a thrill to see my animal sculptures in their new homes. My latest commission, a painted dog sculpture, has ended up in one of the best homes I’ve seen yet, in front of the fire. It’s hard to imagine a more comfortable position for a dog, even a wild dog.

Irish Terrier SculptureMy sculptures are normally around 45-60cm long (1-2ft) so finding the right space is important. Obviously, you need a large enough space for the animal sculpture. But you also want a space that affords good views of the piece – and somewhere the animal will feel at home!

When it comes to dog sculptures, the dogs themselves often have something to say on the matter. When Keo the Irish Terrier met his clay model, it was hard to tell whether he felt flattered, worried or threatened. Then again, perhaps Keo was just trying to work out how he would regain his prime spot in front of the fire. After all, it’s important for dogs to know their place in the pack.

Great Dane SculptureAnother of my dog sculptures, a Harlequin Great Dane, found his place on a dresser in a country kitchen. He looks very happy there, I think, and definitely enjoys watching all the comings and goings of a busy kitchen.

My warthog sculptures have found homes all over the world, including on the continents of Europe, North and South America. Warthogs demand attention and even in a large room you feel they are always watching you!

Two of my clients have a lovely display of my African animal sculptures around their fireplace. Another of my warthog sculptures, who found a home here in Devon, surveys the room and making sure the riff-raff are kept at bay.

If you’re thinking about commissioning an animal sculpture, it can sometimes be difficult to visualise it in its new home. Hopefully, the images here will give you some ideas and inspire you to commission an animal sculpture of your own.

Animal Sculptures

Warthog Sculpture