Armadillo Sculptures

I was contacted recently by clients in the USA who were interested in commissioning a set of armadillo sculptures, specifically an armadillo and baby. One thing led to another, as it so often does. I suggested a few poses that would work well in the niche where the sculptures were to be displayed. We eventually agreed on an armadillo scratching its head with the baby looking on in childish curiosity.

Armadillo SculpturesAll my animal sculptures start with a story. I need to know what’s happening. Sculpture provides the medium through which I explore these experiences.

My objective is to capture the dynamic of those experiences and convey something of the emotional impact through my work. This enables the viewer to share in the experience. It can be something dramatic, like a life and death chase to the finish across the African plains. Or it can be something intimate, a moment shared between mother and child.

Armadillo SculpturesI’ve learned that the best way to achieve this it to use the animal’s natural body language. This approach demands detailed observational study of my subjects. But more than this, it requires interest and empathy on the artist’s part. Fortunately, that’s not something I’ve ever lacked when it comes to animals!

Armadillos require a lot of detailed work. The intricate patterns in their scales are an intrinsic part of their beauty. They require hours of painstaking modelling. But it’s worth the effort, because it’s the attention to detail that elevates any sculpture above the ordinary. I have always enjoyed the curvy shapes in an armadillo and this small group of armadillo sculptures was a joy to make. I used matt coloured slips in order to keep the armadillo sculptures looking natural.

Animal Sculpture by Nick MackmanAs always, I sent my clients regular photo updates. Clients always enjoy watching their animal sculptures come to life, and it provides me with valuable feedback as the work progresses.

While waiting for their armadillo sculptures, my clients couldn’t resist acquiring one of my warthog sculptures. I have since learned he has been named Wartimer D. Hogg!

I wanted to let you know that Dillary and Babydill arrived safely – right on time – last Friday, and we’re delighted with them. Needless to say, Wartimer was also very pleased to welcome the two compatriots to the family. Finally someone who can understand his accent!

After firing and finishing, mother and child were carefully packed in preparation for their long journey across the Atlantic. I’m pleased to say they arrived safely. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in commissioning your own animal sculptures.