Bronze Cheetah Sculpture

Bronze Cheetah SculptureLast year I was contacted by a client in the United States who was keen to have my life-size bronze cheetah sculpture displayed in his garden. But he was understandably concerned that it might no be able to withstand the harsh weather, extreme temperatures and Atlantic Sea air. My foundry, Castle Fine Art, was able to put his mind at ease. And so the casting of a new bronze cheetah sculpture began.

Although my bronze animal sculptures are released in limited editions, I oversee each casting at every step of the way. For this particular commission, the client had specified a new, natural looking base. He thought it would be fun to have a cheetah paw print implanted onto the base.

Cheetah Paw PrintI thought this was a great idea, although it turned out not to be as simple as it sounds. It took me quite some time to research the size and shape of a sprinting rear cheetah paw print and determine the correct range from the cheetah’s body.

Once the new cheetah had undergone its initial wax casting, I spent a day refining the wax model. A few weeks later I returned to the foundry to oversee the patination of the final sculpture.

This is a critical stage in the casting process, and I work closely with the craftsmen at Castle Fine Art foundry to ensure the finish complements the piece. In this case, I was seeking a warm finish with plenty of depth, and I think the foundry did a superb job.

Cheetah Sculpture InstallationThe foundry organised the packing and shipping of the completed bronze cheetah sculpture to its new home on the US East Coast.

I was delighted to receive regular photo updates from the client, showing the installation of the cheetah, just as I always send clients photos showing the progress of animal sculpture commissions.

But it didn’t stop there. I’ve been receiving ongoing photo updates showing how the bronze cheetah sculpture is coping through the changing seasons.

Your beautiful cheetah is in place and is glorious! Thank you so much.

Cheetah Sculpture SnowThe client’s original vision was for the cheetah to appear as if sprinting past his house. I’m pleased to say I think we achieved that.

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning your own animal sculpture, whether large or small.