Bronze Leopard Sculpture

I’m delighted to announce the release of a new bronze animal sculpture. This bronze leopard sculpture was initiated by a client who first got in touch with me about commissioning an animal sculpture for his wife’s birthday. He had discovered my work at the Society of Wildlife Artists’ annual exhibition last year.

Bronze Leopard Sculpture

We agreed that her favourite animal, the leopard, would provide the ideal subject. I was intrigued to learn that my client and his wife had both visited South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, a place I know well, as I regularly visit to view the wildlife and lead art safari workshops. I’m sure my clients were pleased to learn that their leopard sculpture is most likely modelled on the very leopards they saw during their travels.

Bronze Leopard SculptureWe elected to use bronze for this piece, because its inherent strength affords the artist tremendous freedom to convey movement. After some discussion, we settled on a relaxed pose, depicting a walking leopard with tail outstretched in an elegant curve, front paw lifted to complement the curve of the tail, allowing an intimate view of the pads on the paw. The head is turned slightly to engage the viewer whilst retaining the elegant, flowing line through the body. The face with gentle pant shows this to be a cat at ease, ears relaxed, showing off the grace and beauty for which these magnificent beasts are so widely admired.

Bronze Leopard SculptureAs always with animal sculpture commissions, I kept my client updated on progress with regular photo updates from the studio. The completed clay sculpture was sent to the foundry in Stroud, where it was moulded and cast in wax.

This is the first stage in the classic ‘lost wax’ bronze casting process, which I personally oversee. I attend the foundry to refine the wax to ensure the final bronze casting captures every nuance of the original clay sculpture. I also oversee the metalwork, where any imperfections in the casting process are corrected and refined, and the final patination is developed by applying ferric acid to the heated bronze.

Bronze Leopard SculptureThis has been a very exciting and satisfying commission to complete. I hope my client and his wife continue to enjoy their bronze leopard sculpture for many years to come. Full details and ordering information for the remainder of this very special limited edition sculpture can be found on my Buy pages.