Christmas Animal Sculpture Commissions

Autumn is upon us, which means Christmas is just around the corner. This is always a busy time of year for me, but I still have some limited availability for Christmas animal sculpture commissions.

Christmas Animal Sculpture Commissions

My animal sculptures make wonderful gifts. Commissioning an animal sculpture of your own choosing makes it all the more special and gives it the personal touch that all the very best gifts have. And, of course, a fine art sculpture makes a fantastic addition to any home, which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Christmas Animal Sculpture CommissionsPerhaps you or your loved one have a favourite animal or want to commemorate a special trip, such as an African safari, by commissioning a sculpture of one of the animals you saw in the wild. These make great choices for Christmas animal sculpture commissions.

Many people commission animal sculptures of their pets. Dogs are a particular favourite of mine. Every dog has its own individual personality and behavioural traits, and I am often commissioned to model a dog in a special or distinctive pose. I work from photographs supplied by the client, and send regular photo updates by email to ensure all the details are correct. This gives you a unique input into the creative process. People love their dogs – as a life-long dog owner, I should know – and dog sculptures make wonderful Christmas animal sculpture commissions.

Christmas Animal Sculpture CommissionsIf you’re interested in a Christmas animal sculpture, please contact me with details of your enquiry. I’ll provide you with full details and a quotation.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find a gallery of images in my Portfolio. You can also browse the blog for stories about past animal sculpture commissions.

I also have a limited selection of animal sculptures available to order direct from the studio and available for Christmas delivery. Full details on the Buy pages.