Commission an Animal Sculpture

Wondering whether you should commission an animal sculpture, but not sure about how it works and whether you should? This post is for you.

Commission an animal sculpture

Why commission an animal sculpture

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that more and more of my animal sculptures are sold or commissioned online. The internet has changed the way I work, as it has for so many people. So why would you commission an animal sculpture through my website?

Animal Sculpture CommissionIt could be you wanted to buy one of my animal sculptures but it’s sold, so why not commission something similar? Maybe your favourite animal is not available (it might be very rare or not widely known). I love making rare and unusual animals, so why not commission me to make it for you?

Thank you Nick, we absolutely love Jack’s sculpture. Would highly recommend the experience!

Or perhaps you want a model of a much loved family pet. It’s a great way to remember them and all the great times you had together. Maybe you want your favourite animal sculpted in a specific pose or behaviour. Personally, as an animal lover myself, I think this is a great reason to commission an animal sculpture. Or you may just want to give someone a very special gift, perhaps for an important birthday or anniversary, something special they will always remember.

Pet Sculpture Commission

How to commission an animal sculpture

Just get in touch and let me know what you’re interested in. Browse my portfolio for inspiration. Have a look at my blog to find out about past commissions and see what other clients have to say. I’ll provide you with full details and a quotation. If you decide to go ahead, I’ll email you regular photo updates so you can see how your animal sculpture is progressing. I know clients really appreciate this, and it affords you a unique input into the creative process.

Thank you for all the care you took to make her. It is a beautiful, permanent reminder of our little pet.

What about shipping?

I ship worldwide and am very experienced at packing and shipping my work. I use a variety of packing techniques and materials, and work with various different couriers, including specialist fine art couriers as required. I will advise you about the best way to ship your animal sculpture and provide you with a quotation before you order. If you prefer, you can also collect your animal sculpture in person by visiting studio in Devon.

What if something goes wrong?

Bronze Animal Sculpture CommissionYou only have to browse through my website to see that I have been making animal sculptures for a long time now. As you can imagine, my reputation is of paramount importance. I take a lot of time and trouble to ensure my clients are delighted by their animal sculptures, and I have a long list of satisfied customers. Just check out my blog to read some of their stories. If something does go wrong, you can be assured that I will work with you to resolve the problem.

Want to know more?

What are you waiting for? Contact me without obligation for further details and a quotation. I’ll answer all your questions and provide all the information you need.

Commission an animal sculpture