Cycling for Wild Dog Conservation

Wild Dog Pup SculptureThose of you who follow my work will be well aware of my passion for wild dogs. They inspire a lot of my work and so in turn I like to support wild dog conservation charities. This year I responded to a somewhat unusual request from Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf Wines. His company is a keen supporter of wild dog conservation (the company donates 5% of turnover to the cause).

bike ride borg and Nick G. 5:15For 2015 Jeremy organised a sponsored bike ride across the UK to coincide with various wine events and fundraisers along the way. He asked if I would donate some wild dog pup sculptures for an online art auction. I was delighted to help. My friend and safari colleague, Nick Garbutt, also agreed to contribute a couple of beautiful framed photos of wild dogs.

But there was more. Jeremy asked if Nick and I would like to join him on the Devon leg of his sponsored cycle ride. As a keen cyclist myself, I leapt at the chance. So it was that we I found myself cycling through the beautiful Devon countryside for a fifty mile leg of Jeremy’s journey. We all spent a very enjoyable day weaving through classic picturesque English villages, in uncharacteristic English sunshine. We even had to stop for a group of Morris dancers performing outside a local village pub!

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