Dachshund Dog Sculpture

mini wire-haired dachshund dog sculpture

If you follow my work you may have gathered that I love dogs. So when a client got in touch enquiring about a mini Wire-haired Dachshund dog sculpture I was delighted. Her dog was called Ruby and she wanted to commission a sculpture that would reflect her character. I always instruct my clients to consider what pose is most typical of their dog before starting a piece. My client decided she really liked the ‘long sniff’ mini Wire-haired Dachshund sculpture that appears at the top of my website page. It is a pose she often saw Ruby in and felt it would be very appropriate.

mini wire haired dachshund dog sculptureI set my client photographic homework so I had all the views required to make Ruby in a similar pose and also to have close-ups of her face so I could get her expression correct. With 3D artwork you have to work out the animal from every angle not just one view!

Ruby has arrived safe and sound, she’s beautiful thank you so much.

mini wire haired dachshund sculptureIt was important to get Ruby’s eyes right as they were so expressive. I enjoyed creating the texture in her wiry coat and liked the contrast it gave with the sharp lines of the body. A very enjoyable commission all round!