Flash is Home!

Dog Sculpture by Nick Mackman

Dog Sculpture by Nick MackmanMy latest dog commission was for a client who had recently lost a 19 year old family pet, a wire-haired dachshund called Flash. The posthumous dog sculpture was specially commissioned for her son’s wedding present.

Flash’s character shone through the photo references and it wasn’t long before his character was emerging in my sculpture. Each day I emailed my client photos from the studio, giving her the chance to comment on the progress.

Once the dog sculpture was finished I emailed a number of photos to check she was happy before the firing. The glaze firing went well and I was excited to email the pics but apprehensive as to the emotions they would stir in her.

Dog Sculpture by Nick MackmanThe dachshund sculpture was despatched and later my client wrote ‘Oh Nick he is so handsome, it’s like picking him up. You have captured Flash even though you never met him. Ross was in tears. I cannot explain in words how thrilled he was with him.’

Flash was with them for 19 years and I wanted to capture his spirit for them in this sculpture.

Dog Sculpture by Nick Mackman