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Follow Nick Mackman Animal SculptureDon’t forget you can follow Nick Mackman Animal Sculpture 0n social media. I regularly post updates, news, comment and photos on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, including details of new animal sculptures, forthcoming exhibitions, animal sculpture workshops and photos from the studio.

As well as regularly updating the images on my Portfolio page, I maintain an archive of portfolio images on my Flickr feed. You’ll find more pics from the studio on my Instagram account.

Everyone loves video, so I’ve started posting quick videos from the studio on Facebook and Twitter. I also have a small but growing number of videos on my YouTube channel.

Bronze Tiger SculptureShooting good quality studio images and videos isn’t as easy as it looks! We’re always working to improve our content and ensure we post the best media we can. Video is our priority moving forward, so you should start to see more videos soon. If you like what you see, please like my social media pages and check back regularly for new content, or leave a comment below.