Gabby the Goat Sculpture

Goat sculptureI was contacted by a lady in the States who had recently lost her beloved goat. Gabby, an Anglo Nubian type goat was a real character and her zest for life helped my client through a difficult time. She was sadly missed.

goat sculpture

It’s so incredibly beautiful in person! I absolutely adore it…

It’s really incredible to me how well you captured her overall look…

It’s simply wonderful. I am so grateful to you for taking this commission and sharing your gift.

goat sculpture

It was a pleasure to capture Gabby’s personality in clay. Luckily my client had numerous photos of her goat, so I could extract the information required to get her proportions right and convey a sense of her wonderful character.

When sculpting an animal I sometimes imagine what it would like to be that animal. If I were an Anglo Nubian goat I would just love to waggle those wonderful lop-ears! I sculpted Gabby as if she had just heard her owner calling and had looked up, ears aloft.

goat sculpture