Great Pottery Throwdown 2023

This year I was again approached by Channel 4’s Great Pottery Throwdown. As previously, I was asked to provide a couple of sculptures featuring an endangered species for Endangered Animal Sculpture in Week 6.

Great Pottery Throwdown

At the beginning of each programme the presenters showcase the works of professional sculptors. This is to give the audience an idea of what can be achieved in ceramic and highlight detail that can really bring an animal sculpture to life.

Sculpture Wild Dog Pup

Last year they featured my resting baby rhino and a reclining wild dog. This year they featured a close-up of my wild dog pup’s face. Due to broadcasting regulations, I’m not allowed to be credited for my work on the show. But after the programme had aired the pups received a fantastic reaction on social media. I was touched that so many of regular followers spotted my work on the show.

Endangered Animal Sculpture

The participants set to making a range of animal sculptures. Their subjects ranged from a quizzical looking red panda and a happy penguin to a tiger scratching its scent on a tree. The programme highlighted the importance of bringing a sense of movement, character and life into an animal sculpture.

Potter of the Week

In the end, it was a pangolin sculpture (above) that bagged Joe Potter of the Week. The presenters particularly liked the detail and finish of the sculpture. It’s these very things that have made the pangolin one of my favourite animals to sculpt, although I decided to cast my pangolin sculpture in bronze to create the desired patinated finish.

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

This has proved to be a popular piece. The last two remaining pangolins in the edition are now available here on my website.

Great Pottery Throwdown Lois

The latest series of the Great Pottery Throwdown has now finished. Lois Gunn was crowned Great Pottery Throw Down Winner 2023, a worthy winner. You can catch up with the series on More4 and YouTube.