Highland Bull Sculpture Film

Highland Bull Sculpture

I am regularly asked to film the making of one of my animal sculptures so we decided to make a time-lapse video of my latest animal sculpture commission, a Highland Bull.

I live in the rolling countryside of Devon (South West UK) with views over Dartmoor and had the opportunity to meet some local Highland cows and photograph them to help me with the Highland Bull sculpture. They are wild in looks and wild in nature and were not happy having some interloper in their field despite the farmers being with me!
Highland Cow sculpture

As you will see in the film, I slab-build my animal sculptures using a type of fortified Porcelain with added paper pulp for strength. I use screwed up newspaper to hold the shape which later combusts in the firing leaving a cavity. Kiln props help to carry the weight until the clay is dry enough to hold its own. I then knuckle down to hours of careful modelling.

The video is only 4 mins long so click and enjoy!