Moon Bear Sculpture for Animals Asia

Moon Bear SculptureA few years ago, when I was researching for a moon bear sculpture, I came upon images of bear bile farming and felt sick to my stomach. In amongst these photos was a picture of Jill Robinson holding the paw of a wretched bear in a tiny cage. Finding out about the work Animals Asia does to stop bear bile farming compelled me to get in touch and offer my support. By donating this, my third moon bear sculpture specially made for Animals Asia, I feel I am making a difference.

Moon bear Peter
Peter Bear
Like thousands of other Animals Asia supporters I was deeply moved by the bear rescues last year. These beautiful bears had come from such a desperate place and yet they hadn’t given up and through Animals Asia they went on to discover a new life in Chengdu. I chose Peter Bear for he has such a gentle face and demeanour and his incredible stoicism touched my heart.

Peter Bear was named after Animals Asia’s Ambassador, the actor Peter Egan. He appeared in the hugely popular drama Downton Abbey in 2012 and inspired the cast to support Animals Asia. Downton Abbey is a big hit in China with over 140 million viewers so with the cast publicly supporting an end to bear bile farming it should have a big impact on public opinion in China, the world’s biggest consumer of bear bile. Read more here.

Peter Egan and Nick Mackman Animals Asia
Peter Egan and me

On Thursday 19th June, Animals Asia have a big fundraising gala at the Gilgamesh Restaurant in London. Downton Abbey stars, including the actress Michelle Dockerty who plays Lady Mary and Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes) will be putting on a small cabaret as well as an auction which includes my Peter Bear sculpture. If you cannot go to the event you can bid online for the moon bear sculpture. See more here.