Mountain Tapir Sculpture

mountain tapir sculpture

I do like the challenge of a new beastie! I was delighted when I was contacted by a client in the U.S. who was a tapir enthusiast. He commissioned me to sculpt a Mountain Tapir. I’ve made a Malayan and a Brazilian tapir before (see previous blog post) but the woolly Mountain Tapir was a first for me. How exciting! I love researching an animal to gain an understanding of its anatomy and behaviour.

mountain tapir sculptureThe rare and elusive Mountain Tapir lives in the northern countries of South America. It is the only tapir to have a woolly coat and it looks like it’s been at the ice-cream!

My client requested a lying down tapir so I decided to have its front leg elegantly out-stretched, showing off its amazing toes. The tapir is looking over its shoulder with the curve of its head echoing the curves of its back.

Once I was happy with the body shape I carefully modelled its distinctive woolly coat. I smoked-fired the tapir sculpture black and simply glazed its eyes and white ‘ice-cream’ lips.

mountain tapir sculpture

I am so happy with my tapir! I just keep walking by it for another peek. Thanks so much and I look forward to my next piece of art. I am already trying to decide what should be next.