Natural Eye Exhibition 2017

I’ve been a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) for about 20 years and it’s always a pleasure to participate in the Society’s annual Natural Eye exhibition showcasing the work of Britain’s best wildlife artists. The exhibition runs 19-29 October 2017 at London’s Mall Galleries – full details here.

Natural Eye Exhibition

Visitors to the Natural Eye Exhibition will be among the first to view some of my new animal sculptures inspired by my recent Borneo trip, including a bearded pig sculpture (above) and binturong sculpture (below).

Natural Eye ExhibitionAs you can see, I placed the binturong, an arboreal civet, so that he is sitting on a curved piece of driftwood. The wood was chosen to echo the curve in the animal’s prehensile tail.

Also featured in the Natural Eye exhibition is the sculpture shown below of a sloth bear with twins. As a mother of twins myself, I can certainly understand the burden of two small youngsters both clammering for her attention! I am very much hoping to observe sloth bears, along with tigers, in the wild on my Tiger and Photo Art Safari in India this march – there are a limited number of places available on this trip if you’d like to join us.

Natural Eye Exhibition

Although I’ve yet to see Ethiopean wolves in the wild, I am fascinated by them. They create beautiful shapes with their bodies and have very expressive ears and faces.

Natural Eye ExhibitionSadly, the Ethiopian wolf is the most critically endangered predator in the world. With just a few hundred left in the wild, anything I can do to raise public awareness of these wonderful animals is well worth doing.

If you’re in London in October I hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit the exhibition. If not, you can always commission your own animal sculpture. Contact me without obligation for further details and pricing.