New Website Live at Last!

Nick Mackman Elephant Sculpture

Welcome to my new website! It’s been in development for a long time now, which explains why my old website hasn’t been updated in a while. We (by which I mean mainly my long suffering, tech savvy, husband) have been putting all our time and effort into the new site. We decided to switch to a new domain name reflecting my move into bronze as well as ceramic. So what’s changed? Well, under the hood pretty much everything (so I’m told). As to the things you’ll notice, here are the highlights.

New Blog

Not just news and formal portfolio shots like we did on the old site, but posts and pics that show what goes on behind the scenes, in the studio and in the field.

Regular Updates

Regular updates, at least once a week for the blog, with new portfolio images and recent posts displayed on the homepage so you can see what’s new.

New Portfolio

A new simplified and streamlined portfolio, regularly updated with a selection of recent and featured work. You’ll also be able to follow new animal sculptures in the making in the blog.

HD Quality Images

Starting with the portfolio images, completely new HD quality images optimised for Retina and other high resolution displays, but built on a responsive framework that re-sizes to fit different devices, including mobiles and tablets.

I hope you like it. It’s a huge relief to finally have it up and running. Do let me know what you think or contact me if you’ve got any questions.