RideLondon – Cycling for Widlife

RideLondonCycling has become a real passion for me. On 31 July I’ll be taking part in RideLondon, a 100 miles bike race starting in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and finishing at Buckingham Palace. I’ve been busy training and I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, my greatest passion is wildlife. Winning the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) Wildlife Artist of the Year competition in 2015 was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

DSWF supports vital projects in local communities around the world and campaigns tirelessly to promote the cause of wildlife conservation. Their fantastic work proves that if we all work together we can make a difference. It’s a shared responsibility. We can all play our part in working to preserve our planet’s wild places and wild animals for future generations.

Wildlife Artist of the YearI want my children to be able to experience the thrill of watching rhinos, elephants and painted dogs in the wild. if you feel the same, please help by sponsoring me for RideLondon. All the money raised will go to DSWF to support their wildlife conservation work. Just click on the link below. Thank you.

Sponsor Nick Mackman in RideLondon in support of DSWF →

Sport has never been my thing – it was my fear of rugby that drove me to find refuge in the art room at school – but, having dedicated my life to protecting endangered wildlife, I know just how hard it can be to take on a huge challenge.

Raising funds and awareness for wildlife is a labour of love. Elephants in Africa, tigers in Russia, rhino is India can seem so far away from people’s everyday experiences. Even those who live close to this wonderful wildlife have often never seen it. Yet without these iconic animals what would our world be? For me, as an artist and animal lover, losing a species is unfathomably heart-breaking; as a conservationist the loss to the broader biodiversity and health of our planet is unthinkable.

Your decision to take on RideLondon to help protect wildlife inspires me. Every mile you cover as you train for the big day, every person you touch with your passion for wildlife will make a difference to the survival of elephants, tigers, rhinos, painted dogs and snow leopards, and the myriad other animals and plants that their presence supports.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your dedication and to wish you the very best of luck for the days ahead.

David Shepherd, DSWF