Warthog Sculpture Family

Regular readers of this blog will know I work hard to build a connection with my subjects and to convey something of their character and personality in my animal sculptures. It’s always gratifying when clients get in touch who feel the same way. So it was that I received an enquiry from Switzerland for not just one warthog sculpture but a warthog sculpture family.

Warthog Sculpture Family

My partner and I are great lovers of Africa. In 15 years we made about 30 trips with our Landcruiser, visited 26 countries and most of the National Parks of the continent. Looking at your sculptures brings up so many memories! How we met a group of about 35 wild dogs in Kafue National Park, who shared the whole afternoon with us playing around our car; or the funny encounters with warthogs all over Africa.

Warthog Sculpture FamilyAnyone who has travelled in Africa will know that warthogs are great characters. My client from Switzerland wanted a warthog sculpture family to remind of the many entertaining encounters he had experienced with these wonderful animals. He had seen my previous warthog sculptures and wanted to capture some of the frisky antics of The Tussle alongside the gentler intimacy of Sleepyheads.

I see that you feel yourself in the outback next to the animals when you are sculpting. The presence and the aura your sculptures have are proof of it. I love them.

Warthog Sculpture FamilyLarger ceramic pieces, like this warthog sculpture family, need to be shipped by a specialist art courier. This is a critical part of the process, and I have developed good working relations with a number of specialist couriers, who will deliver fragile animal sculptures by hand direct to the client’s home. My couriers also take care of all the necessary paperwork when exporting from the UK and/or outside the EU.

I’m exited to have the warthogs soon at home! They are cute and magnificent. Thank you so much!

Upon delivery at their new home, the warthog sculpture family was safely installed in the client’s special Africa gallery. I was delighted when I saw the photos of my warthog sculptures getting to know their new surroundings. Contact me without obligation if you are interested in commissioning your own animal sculpture – or even a family of animal sculptures!

Warthog Sculpture Family