Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture £7995

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

Pangolin in Bronze £7995

Includes VAT at 20% and 24 hour UK mainland delivery

Pangolin Sculpture 30x35x15cm in bronze.

This stunning bronze pangolin sculpture captures the highly endangered pangolin, showing how vulnerable it is without the protection of its keratin scales, which it uses for protection from predators by curling itself into a tight ball. Find out more about pangolins and the story behind this sculpture on our blog. Pangolin is released in a limited edition of just 9. Delivery in approximately 8 weeks.

Dimensions are approximate. VAT is payable if the buyer is resident within the EU.

Bronze Animal Sculpture

Limited edition of 9

Traditional bronze casting is a highly skilled and time consuming process. First Nick meticulously sculpts the animal in clay. A wax model is produced from the original sculpture and used to create a mould. A new wax model is required for each sculpture in the edition, as the wax is burned away in the casting process. Nick checks and refines each wax model personally. Large sculptures must be cast in sections and welded together. Once cast, the piece must be finished and patinated. Whilst expensive, bronze casting produces animal sculptures of wonderful depth and detail. These are true investment pieces to treasure and pass down through the generations.

Ordering and Shipping

How to buy

Please contact us if you are interested in buying this animal sculpture. Nick will answer any questions and provide you with full details. Shipping is available worldwide by arrangement.