Animal Sculpture Workshop

Animal Sculpture Workshop

Last week I ran another successful animal sculpture workshop in Devon here in the UK. As usual, my students came from near and far, including one from the USA, with varied backgrounds and abilities. I started the workshop with a slideshow and demo, explaining my background and influences and introducing some key techniques. This is essential, as it’s important all the students have a good grasp of the building technique before we start.

Animal Sculpture WorkshopI encourage my workshop participants to research their chosen subjects carefully beforehand, and we work hard to ensure the basic proportions and anatomy are correct before advancing onto the detailed modelling. Running the workshop over three days allows plenty of time for the students to master basic techniques and iron out any fundamental errors in the form and proportions of their animal sculptures.

I am just writing to say a really big thank you for the excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed my three days in Devon and you taught me so much in a very short time. Your animal knowledge, sculptural expertise and enthusiasm combined to make it an inspiring course.

Animal Sculpture WorkshopI’m always very impressed with the standard of work that students, even relative beginners, are able to produce when they immerse themselves in their work for a sustained period of time. This is the key benefit I see of running workshops over several days. The environment can be intense, and even emotional at times, but I think the results speak for themselves.

I offer an optional glazing and firing service to my workshop participants, as not all of them have access to these facilities. If you’re interested in attending one of my animal sculpture workshops I still have some places available for a three day workshop running 20-22 April 2016.