Animal Skeletons


I am fascinated by skeletons. They provide invaluable insight into the evolution of my animal subjects and the unique niches they occupy in their particular ecosystems. Studying an animal’s skeleton is an excellent way to check its basic form and proportions. It can also help with modelling of detailed features, such as hands and feet, as you can quite literally see the bare bones of the animal.

sketch-book-skeletonsLast week on a family visit to Paris I finally got to visit the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle. As you can see from the photo above, the Museum houses dazzling array of animal skeletons, making this the ultimate destination for anyone with an interest in animals and their bones.

I have previously made sketches and taken photos of animal skeletons during my many safari excursions. This can be quite challenging, as it is not always clear which bones go with which. The museum in Paris provides an unrivalled collection of animal skeletons all perfectly assembled and beautifully displayed, making my work much easier.

giraffe-bones-nick-mackmanIf you’re interested in finding out more, I recommend the excellent documentary series presented by bone collector Ben Garrod for the BBC, The Secret of Bones.

And if you’d like to test your knowledge of animal skeletons, you might like to join in the conversation on my Facebook Page where I’ve invited readers to identify the skull pictured below.

skull challenge