Painted Dog Conservation Charity Auction

Painted Dog ConservationAfrican wild dogs, or painted dogs as they are sometimes known, are my passion. It’s only right that I do whatever I can to support wild dog conservation. I’ve been privileged to be able to support Painted Dog Conservation, a non-profit organisation that supports conservation, research and education projects throughout Africa.

Painted Dog Conservation currently supports various projects in Zambia, an African country that is close to my heart and the venue for my art safari workshops. Representing an evolutionary line that is unique to Africa, painted dogs are amongst Africa’s most endangered species. It is estimated that just 3,000 remain in the wild, many in small, non-viable, isolated populations.

Painted Dog ConservationWild dogs are under constant threat from human activity. They are often caught in snares or poisoned, and they are susceptible to disease, such as Parvo and Distemper, transmitted from domestic dogs. Painted Dog Conservation funds patrols to help free dogs from snares. They also work in the community to educate future generations about the value of these critically endangered animals.

African wild dogs are unique in so many ways. At least 3 million years of evolution separate them from other canids like wolves and domestic dogs. They have highly developed social systems and pack life and are both fascinating and thrilling to observe in the wild. I never tire of watching this incredible animals. We need to do everything we can to conserve them in their natural environment.

I have made two wild dog pup sculptures specially for Painted Dog Conservation. These unique and special sculptures will be auctioned at three charity fundraising events across Australia in October 2019. Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer, will be attending these events, which include a three course meal and beverages, a presentation by Kevin himself and the fundraising auction.

Tickets sales for these events are already live and tickets arebselling fast. Visit Painted Dog Conservation for more information about their vital conservation work or follow the links below for ticket sales.

Wild Dog Sculptures

PERTH 16 October 2019

GOLD COAST 21 October 2019

MELBOURNE 32 October 2019