Solo Show 17 Nov – 23 Dec 2014

baby warthog sculptures

I’m delighted to announce my forthcoming solo show at Beaux Arts Gallery in Bath. This brand new exhibition is the result of months of work both in the studio and time spent observing animals in the wild in Africa and Madagascar.

aardvark sculptureI love to imagine what’s going on in an animal’s life at one moment in time and convey its reaction to that event. I am always exploring how animals communicate through the subtleties of gesture and expression. Something as simple as a tilt of the head can make all the difference. I try to capture the beauty of each animal, which might be revealed in the shape of the body or some seemingly minor detail, such as the curve of a hoof.

In this exhibition I have taken the opportunity to show large groups of animals and how they interact with one another. This is something that is rarely possible with individual pieces or commissions. It’s very satisfying to be able to explore the group dynamic. For example, my family of baby warthogs includes several animals peacefully dozing and another who is more cautious, tail and mane raised in anxiety.

I hope that all the animal sculptures in this exhibition, from the largest ceramic elephant sculpture to the smallest bronze lion cub sculpture, capture some of the energy and excitement of our planet’s extraordinary wildlife. I know I’ve succeeded when my animal sculptures illicit an emotional response from the viewer. If you get the chance, please come and see for yourself.

My solo show runs for a month from 17 November until 23 December 2014 at Beaux Arts Gallery in Bath.

baby elephant sculpture