Polar Bear with Cub £1750 Sold

Polar Bear with Cub

Polar Bear with Cub

Polar Bear with Cub

Polar Bear with Cub £1600

Includes VAT at 20% and 24 hour UK mainland delivery

Polar bear sculpture with cub 35x35cm in Raku fired ceramic.

One-off Raku fired ceramic sculpture available for immediate delivery. UK and international shipping by arrangement.

Dimensions are approximate. VAT is payable if the buyer is resident within the EU.

Raku fired Animal Sculptures

One-off ceramic animal sculptures

Raku fired sculpture is bisque fired in an electric kiln and then heated rapidly to 980C before being immersed in a combustible material, such as sawdust. The glaze melts in the firing, developing a distinctive crackle finish, while the final combustion imparts a smoky matt finish to any unglazed areas. Raku firing creates very rich but natural looking colours with great depth. Raku fired sculptures have a rawness that perfectly complements Nick’s subjects. They aren’t over-finished or unnaturally perfect. The inherent variations in colour and finish reflect the natural diversity of animals in the wild. And just like real animals, each one of Nick’s Raku fired animal sculptures is a unique individual with its own distinct personality.

Ordering and Shipping

How to buy

Please contact us if you are interested in buying this animal sculpture. Nick will answer any questions and provide you with full details. Shipping is available worldwide by arrangement.