• Ceramic

    Ceramic animal sculptures are all unique one-off pieces, making it ideal for many private commissions. Choose your animal, pose, personality, behaviour and mood. Nick will work closely with you on your commission from your own images, if available, and other source material to realise your creative vision. She will send you regular updates by email and your feedback will be used to refine and finish the piece. The result is a uniquely personal artwork that will provide a stunning centrepiece in any home.
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  • Bronze

    Traditional bronze casting is a highly skilled and time consuming process. A wax model is produced from the original clay sculpture and used to create a mould. Once cast, the sculpture must be finished and patinated. Most bronze sculpture is released in a limited edition, as the cost of producing a single sculpture would otherwise be prohibitive. But if you commission a bronze animal sculpture, you will have a unique input into the design and finish and, of course, you will receive the first numbered piece in the edition.
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  • Pets

    Nick realised at an early stage in her artistic development that each animal has its own unique, distinctive personality. This informs every aspect of her animal sculpture and means she is uniquely skilled in reproducing the subtle nuances and character traits of a beloved family pet. She will work closely with you, drawing on your own notes, photographs and other material to capture the essence of the animal. Pet commissions can be made in ceramic or bronze to immortalise the special animal in your life.
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  • Special

    Over the years Nick has accepted various special commissions from commercial and other organisations, including British Airways and the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, making a series of specially commissioned trophies for the award winners. Working in ceramic and bronze, she is always open to new challenges. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how a fine art animal sculpture commission can enhance your business, public or private space or premises.
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  • Nick’s animal sculptures are held in private collections all around the world. The majority of her work is made to order on commission. We have told some of their stories on our blog pages. They illustrate the very special connection that is made between client, animal and artist.
  • Nick will take the time to understand the emotional connection between you and your chosen subject. She'll discuss every aspect of your commission – animal, behaviour, character and pose – and will work from photographs you supply or drawn from other relevant sources.
  • As Nick works on modelling and refining your animal sculpture, you’ll receive regular photo updates by email, giving you a unique connection and input into the creative process. Very few artists work this way. Our clients always tell us how much they value this process.
  • Uniquely with sculpture, it's the physical presence in the room that is so powerful. It can provide a unique focal point for any space, inside or out, and transform your home. You can see what some of our clients have to say below. Click through to read their stories.

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