How Many Elephants

Elephant SculptureWildlife conservation charity How Many Elephants campaigns to raise awareness about the plight of elephants in Africa and raise funds for anti-poaching and wildlife rehabilitation projects.

Few people know that 96 African elephants are poached each day for their ivory. That’s 35,000 elephants poached per year. At this astonishing rate elephants will be extinct in the wild in the next decade. Charity founder, Holly Budge, is a passionate conservationist and artist using design to bridge the gap between scientific data and human connection.

Part of the originality of this campaign is in my approach to avoid gruesome and shocking imagery to portray the facts. It is not about scaring people, it’s about sharing the sheer scale of the poaching crisis. To actually see and connect with this data visually is very impactful.

I’m proud to support How Many Elephants by donating this unique bull elephant sculpture to be auctioned at their forthcoming charity event at London’s Royal Geographical Society on 6 June 2019. Speakers will include How Many Elephants founder, Holly Budge, National Geographic explorer and biologist, Niall McCann, and professional guide and founder of African Bush Camps, Beks Ndlovu.

How Many Elephants

This promises to be an inspiring and enlightening evening and tickets are in great demand. The VIP tickets have already sold out but tickets for the talks are still available. Click here for information and ticket sales.

Bull Elephant Sculpture