Wildlife Sculpture Exhibition

Wildlife Sculpture Exhibition

In a celebration of wildlife, I will be taking part in a wildlife sculpture exhibition alongside fellow Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) sculptors at the British Wildlife Photography Awards at London’s Mall Galleries 6-10 September. Here’s an extract from the Mall Galleries:

Alongside the British Wildlife Photography Awards exhibition we offer a selection of sculptural works by member artists of the Federation of British Artists, including members of the Society of Wildlife Artists. The three-dimensional works complement the photographs on the walls and add a new perspective on representations of the natural world around us. All these artists emphasise the importance of direct observation from animals in the wild and use their work to raise awareness of conservation issues and the need to protect the diverse species with whom we share this planet.

Wildlife Sculpture ExhibitionI will be exhibiting my latest polar bear sculpture Something in the Air as well as my favourites, warthog sculptures and wild dog sculptures. My new bronze tiger sculpture Raj at Rest will also be featured.

Here’s what Mark Cawardine, zoologist, writer, photographer, environmentalist and broadcaster has to say about the British Wildlife Photography Awards:

The annual British Wildlife Photography Awards has become one of the much anticipated events in the wildlife photography calendar. Look at this year’s fabulous collection and you will see that wildlife photographers are working harder than ever before, striving to capture a wider range of subjects, locations and styles, talking increasingly difficult species and behaviours and shooting familiar ones in unfamiliar and more imaginative ways.

Please take the opportunity to visit the British Wildlife Photography Awards and SWLA wildlife sculpture exhibition if you can. As always, if you need any further information about any of my animal sculptures, or are interested in commissioning your own animal sculptures, please contact me.

Bronze Tiger Sculpture